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Home of the Happy Humpers. We are a group of enthusiastic students who support our failing sports program to the very end. Known across campus for our crazy basketball antics, and terrifying opponents coaches, we are leading the way to a better sports program.
Rebuilding Year?
Now that the men's team is two games away from the completion of another abismal season, it is time for reflection. I have not seen a 6 win season in my tenure at Campbell. That is depressing. There are many explanations for what has gone wrong, and there are still many hopes for the future. Everybody hates to call a season a rebuilding year, but that is about all that can be said for the 2004-2005 season. For the fourth week this year Campbell has made the espn bottom ten poll. I have grown accustomed to us being one of the worst teams in the country, but I don't see how this years schedule helped. I was all for seeing Campbell play teams like NC State and Kentucky, but in the end I realize it was the wrong decision. Perhaps we really should schedule teams like Savannah State and Longwood.

The reason, as the old cliche goes, "winning cures everything." The problem now is our team still can't keep their momentum the entire game, and to be blunt they don't know how to win. It only comes from experience, and right now they are lacking it. The difference in college basketball games often comes down to a couple of plays, and our team just isn't making them. I maintain after watching this season that making the schedule easier, not harder is the way to go. That is about the only hope we have right now to ensure we can at least finish the season without being hailed as the third to worst team in the nation. Hey, at least baseball season has started, maybe we'll see some wins then.

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