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Once referred to as "General Lee's army" the modern day Camel Crazies have become a victim of the administration at Campbell University. College basketball is a sport known for having the craziest fans of all sports. In no other sport does home court advantage mean so much, where most schools home records are significantly better than their road records. One of the best ways to improve the sports program at Campbell University is to get all of the students involved and give the team all the support we can, whether they deserve it or not. This is why the Camel Crazies have lost all that they were created for, and are no longer something to admire.

The biggest disappointment of the Camel Crazies is the amount of "Crazies" that actually show up for the games. At most the Camel Crazies' section would have twenty students and only 7-8 actual "Crazies" at any particular basketball game. So why do so many students sign up? Easy, the t-shirt. They're all over school and why, because they are free. I like to consider the t-shirt as a bribe; what other university has to pay its students to attend the sporting events? Free attendance maybe, but they are paying you to attend, and what does the t-shirt mean? It says that you are willing to sacrifice your time to watch your school get humiliated by another school of equal size who isn't even considered competitive at that sport.

The best way to boycott this dysfunctional organization is to take the t-shirt and never wear it to a single game. You could wear an orange t-shirt or buy an, "I'm a Happy Humper" t-shirt, but don't give them the satisfaction of knowing the bribe worked. Refuse to sit in the Camel Crazies section at basketball games, they are terrible seats, and the administration has forced the students away from hassling the other team and coach. Even if they tried they are stuck next to the obnoxiously loud pep band. The only seats the administration keeps us from sitting in are the two rows behind the opposing bench (only for conference games). Don't give them the satisfaction of putting you in the corner.

The Campbell website quotes, "The Camel Crazies have grown significantly in numbers and have gained the reputation as the most fanatical crowd in the A-Sun Conference." When did this happen? Possibly in 1992 when the team made it to the NCAA tourney. But now the team is losing and the camel crazies are nowhere to be found. The Camel Crazies are a classic wine and cheese crowd, but the Happy Humpers were founded on the principle that we stick with our team no matter how bad the score.

This is our school, and they definitely, definitely need our support. And we don't need a t-shirt to give to them!!!

This picture was taken in 2000 when the Camel Crazies reached a record high 5 students to cheer on the fighting camels.

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