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Mens Season Relys Heavily On Recruiting!
A losing first season ended in turmoil for Coach Laing as half of his team left. The mens team has a completely renovated roster that will have to play a few games to prove itself. Except for a few the only returning players are Laing's recruits so this season he can't blame any losses on not being able to have the players he wants for his playing scheme. There is one area of recruiting I would like to commend Coach Laing on, for the first time, probably ever, we have two recruits from a junior college. Recruiting juco players is the best way to get players who have proved themselves at the college level. Georgia State has been killing our conference with juco recruits for years but few other schools in our conference have recognized that potential. Perhaps, they were recruited to fill in a roster that would have no other juniors, but whatever the reason at least Coach Laing recognizes the potential. I have not seen any of the recruits in play yet, so I can't give an opinion on how well they will do until I see firsthand how they play. But I wish them the best of luck, with Kentucky, State, and Tennessee on our schedule and one senior they are gonna need it.