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Our mission here at Happy Humpers is to try and offer students and faculty an explanation to why our athletic program is among the worst in the nation. We do not intend to insult or hurt anyones feelings by the comments and opinions we post on this website. We are merely just using statistical data and our athletic history to base our opinions on. So therefore nobody should be offended by anything on this website. Besides stating our opinions and the concerns of the student body, our main goal here at Happy Humpers is to give our basketball team a decisive advantage when playing in Carter Gymnasium. We do everything possible to distract the opposing team including using derogatory comments about the opposing teams mothers, personal appearance, lack of basketball skills, and most importantly, sexual preference. Our high standards and crazy antics have caused us to be very selective when choosing members to become a part of our organization. If you think you are capable of upholding these standards, feel free to contact us from the contact page. We look forward to hearing from you. GO CAMELS!