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Dear Humpers, I love what you are doing, I see you guys everywhere. I was also one of those who ordered the famed ‘I’m a Happy Humper’ T-shirt. I have worn this shirt to many games so far and love the excitement brought to the table by every one there, including some of those in the camel crazies. However, I bring this up because I have received an undermining email from the camel crazies. This organization has asked that I not wear the supportive T-shirt I have ordered from you and grown to love. I feel as though, since I have invested money into the Happy Humpers, I should don the famed T-shirt, despite the threats. The reason they gave many other Happy Humpers and me was that they could not take publishable pictures if we where to wear them to the basketball games this year. I’m sorry but I think quenching fan enthusiasm to opt for publicity is a horrible trade. LET’S NOT GET POLITICAL AT GAMES, LET’S GET LOUD!!!…ps…I plan on rocking my Happy Humper shirt this weekend, I hope everyone who feels the same way will not be intimidated and feel the same way….GO CAMELS!


This was signed in the guestbook and I thought it should be posted on this page.
Sit and think for a second. You keep referring to "the administration" as if it were the proverbial “Black Hand” sabotaging any attempts for positive change. Well why reach into that chain of established Campbell Employees. Not that I doubt his ability to coach, but we need a new face, a Spartacus who will lead the enslaved masses of Campbell students to serious victory, both on the court, and in our tired psyche, the spoils of which will be a tremendous rise in school spirit New blood must be instilled into the choked arteries of Campbell athletics. Hiring a current coach is counterintuitive, regardless of race. Why not call for an outside revival of our system. A bold coach who has absolutely no ties to the current dilapidated shape of Campbell University Administration (THE GOB). But hey, I love what you guys are doing. Anything to shake the apathy off of the coagulated school spirit here. You must be freshmen...but hey keep up the good work.

Another Student Response
Not only are the Happy Humpers vital to Campbells Basketball team and fan base but they also are a quality organization of unified students that are able to come together on one thing and one thing only, that Campbell Basketball has not been excelling since the mid 1990's. Not only are these students exuberant in spirit but they also seem to handle themselves in a calm and cool manor. I have witnessed the involvement of the Happy Humpers from both angles of on the court. Not only am I a proud member of them but I also am a Campbell Event Staff employee. Throughout my entire time on staff working for the "athletic lady" I have only witnessed kind and accepting words uttered from the mouths of all H.H. supporters when they were talked down upon and told in not so many word to "quit" cheering. This organization is intent on letting anyone who has a desire to truly urge our team to victory to come out and join the ranks. We are no elitist group of lung cancer suffers. Nor are we a bunch of sailors that curse a mile a minute. The views expressed previously do not represent us in good light and that is because some of them were not uttered by recognized members of our group. I am not trying to say that the Happy Humpers need to recognize certain individuals in order for their participation in cheering but I am trying to say that not all the comments made here have our approval. I feel that my encounters with the other H.H.'s have only been enjoyable and never unpleasant. While it is quite depressing leaving a semi empty stadium, which is made of about 93% post Campbell Grads and local area attendees and another 7% current Campbell students, with face paint on, I have never once regretted spending my time with these guys and gals. I just wish I didn't have to work the basketball games I did so that I could fully be utilized and cheer on my team and school. All in all I have come to realize that the only way a renovation or rebirth of something can happen the old must be torn. While I will regret seeing Coach Lee's smiling face on the bench next year I hope that what is to come can only be another step in the Campbell Basketball programs ladder to success. Well i apologize for leading a very long and pretty pointless diatribe into who the Happy Humpers represent but I hope that this comment shines some light into who a Happy Humper is on a daily basis. Well it is now currently 2:43am and I am going to go to sleep in my hammock. Yall have a great night.